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Where are my deal-lovin’ friends? I have a breakdown you WANT to see! And it’s only available WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Let’s do the math: $220 Acute Care $200 Amp MD System $193 Redefine (which is ONLY the #1 anti-aging skincare in the U.S… big deal πŸ˜‰) GRAND TOTAL = $673 Now what if I told you RIGHT NOW you can get this age backwards bundle for only $283!!! Nope. Not kidding.

ClickΒ HERE.

LEATHER SKIN is sooo 1984!

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The color ‘LEATHER’ is soooooooo 1984. #summer2016 is all about PROTECTION!#REALTALK It’s summer. You’ve been working hard to get your body "swim suit ready". But what about your skin? Leathery is not a color…& it’s not healthy. Let me help you get your glow on! No skin damage required.Protect yourself here:

Sunscreen is the single most important part of your skincare routine! That’s why all 4 of our regimens include a PREMIUM Sunscreen!
SOOTHEπŸ’š Mineral Sunscreen, 30 spf – Has a slight purple tent to combat the signs of redness. Has a slight powdery finish. I wear this when I know I won’t be wearing makeup at all because it almost appears as if you have on a mineral powder.
UNBLEMISHπŸ’œ Oil Control Lotion, 20 spf – Perfect for skin that tends to get oily as the day goes on. Controls shine around T-Zone. I wear this when the humidity is high.
REVERSEπŸ’› Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen, 50 spf- Perfect to combat the sun! Did you know this sunscreen actually activates itself when it heats up? That’s right! It ‘kicks on’ when sun hits your face! I wear this every time I take my kids to the park or know I will be in direct sunlight!
REDEFINEπŸ’™ Triple Defense Treatment, 30 spf – Goes great under makeup and treats your skin with anti-aging agents all day long! Perfect if you need extra moisture! My skin drinks this up!
PLEASE NOTE: Do not apply sunscreen before bed as it can increase your pore size.

Need A Change?

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To clarify what I do, my business:It’s not about selling….WHAT IT’S ABOUT:It’s about donating more to your favorite charity.It’s about leaving that job that is stealing precious time from your family.It’s about having more than ‘crumbles’ left over for your loved ones at the end of the day.It’s about being able to stay home with the kids if you want to.It’s about getting out of debt.It’s about that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take.It’s about helping your family and other families in need.It’s about waking up when you’re done sleeping instead of when the alarm goes off.It’s about showing your children that they CAN work their butt off and actually rewarded for hard work.It’s about having something for YOURSELF.It’s about CHOICES.It’s about FREEDOM.It’s about EMPOWERING others to work towards THEIR dreams, instead of THEIR boss’s dreams.If your dreams are better than your reality, it’s time to do something about that. All we do is share a gift. A gift that wins awards, that gets accolades in the media daily by those in the know.It’s the best decision I have ever made.

What The Heck Is A ‘Peptide’?

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I GO COMMANDO all day long! That phrase might mean something else to you, but at Rodan + Fields, it means we get to say goodbye to foundation thanks to skincare that actually does what it promises.
Here’s how we do it…MINERAL PEPTIDES with SPF: This super light-weight powder contains diffusers to even out skin tone & adds another important SPF layer. 80% of women need theMediumshade, but many use theLightandBronzetoo. Contouring is all the rage, so you can use Light for highlighting and Bronze for definition and to give that sun-kissed look. You apply with our Kabuki Brush which is to die for!Β And since they’re safe for the eyes, I use them on my lids for added sun protection there too.
What the heck is a Peptide & why do I need it in my skincare???
They’re smart little chains of amino acids that help drive chemical reactions in the skin which can heal wounds & lessen fine lines & wrinkles.
ON THE SCIENCE SIDE: Peptides are found throughout every cell and tissue in our body and are an important part of most biological processes. Peptides are one of the most promising ANTI AGING discoveries in the last few years.
Check out the Rodan + Fields products that can help provide you with daily benefits of Peptides.

Photo Shoot and Pamper Day…

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I had a blast pampering my Charla Corn Beauty Team with hair, makeup, champagne and a personalized Photo Shoot! Such a fun day! I’m so blessed to be surrounded with such strong, driven and Godly women who are passionate about helping others reach their full potential! This team of 1,100 is growing quickly and we’d love for you to join the adventure!
A huge thanks to Kim Hayes Photography! Click here to vie more pics:

Roll Away Wrinkles

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