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June 2016

LEATHER SKIN is sooo 1984!

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The color ‘LEATHER’ is soooooooo 1984. #summer2016 is all about PROTECTION!#REALTALK It’s summer. You’ve been working hard to get your body "swim suit ready". But what about your skin? Leathery is not a color…& it’s not healthy. Let me help you get your glow on! No skin damage required.Protect yourself here:

Sunscreen is the single most important part of your skincare routine! That’s why all 4 of our regimens include a PREMIUM Sunscreen!
SOOTHE💚 Mineral Sunscreen, 30 spf – Has a slight purple tent to combat the signs of redness. Has a slight powdery finish. I wear this when I know I won’t be wearing makeup at all because it almost appears as if you have on a mineral powder.
UNBLEMISH💜 Oil Control Lotion, 20 spf – Perfect for skin that tends to get oily as the day goes on. Controls shine around T-Zone. I wear this when the humidity is high.
REVERSE💛 Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen, 50 spf- Perfect to combat the sun! Did you know this sunscreen actually activates itself when it heats up? That’s right! It ‘kicks on’ when sun hits your face! I wear this every time I take my kids to the park or know I will be in direct sunlight!
REDEFINE💙 Triple Defense Treatment, 30 spf – Goes great under makeup and treats your skin with anti-aging agents all day long! Perfect if you need extra moisture! My skin drinks this up!
PLEASE NOTE: Do not apply sunscreen before bed as it can increase your pore size.