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August 2015

My Skin Transformation

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I am so excited about Rodan+Fields!!  R+F has been the FASTEST GROWING skincare company the past TWO YEARS in a row?  And that we are in the TOP 4 of ALL PREMIUM SKINCARE lines?  Yep!  Right up there with Lancome, Estee Lauder and Clinque, who have 30-50 years on us!  We are just 7 years old!!!  This is SUCH an exciting time for our business!!  EVERYONE has skin….and EVERYONE is aging!!!  It’s a WIN WIN being partnered with the TOP DERMATOLOGISTS in the WORLD!!!!  We are a LEGACY company….that is CHANGING SKIN and CHANGING SO MANY LIVES!These are products by the same doctors that created PROACTIV. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are still practicing doctors in San Francisco. We are ALL AGING, ALL the time…and we all have skin so they are really changing skin and changing lives!R+F is their new skincare line! We have customers as young as 2, all the way to our oldest customer who is 101. You can go to my website and look at the different products.
The 4 main regimens are REDEFINE (for fine lines, wrinkles, pores), SOOTHE (for redness, sensitive skin, Rosacea, Eczema), UNBLEMISH (for breakouts and blemishes) and REVERSE (for brown spots, melasma, hyper-pigmentation, age spots), plus so many more products people use everyday, such as sunscreen, body lotion, sunless tanning foam, etc!! I am SOLD on these amazing products and have seen INCREDIBLE RESULTS!If someone is interested in purchasing, it’s all ONLINE for convenience. You can click on the box on the bottom right side of my website that says SOLUTION TOOL and it will tell you which products are best for your skin. It is less expensive than going to see a doctor or a dermatologists AND it saves time (NO appointments or driving time, so it also saves on gas!!). If you sign up to be a PREFERRED CUSTOMER (PC PERKS) for a one-time fee of $19.95 (that I will actually pay cash back to you as my gift) you will save 10% on each order, plus get FREE shipping, and you receive 6 emails per year that remind you it’s time to reorder. There is NO lock in! You can EDIT your order, or cancel at anytime, so you never end up with more products than you need!! You can even skip/delay the order as often as you like and still keep the PC PERKS benefits! It’s so convenient!! You can also just order RETAIL without becoming a PC if you prefer. My website is if you want to take a look!
Also, one of our tools is the MACRO EXFOLIATOR!! When this launched in February 2013, we sold over 10,000 in just 20 days breaking all records in HISTORY for any product launch. It’s an amazing tool that removes 5 million dead skin cells in just 5 minutes and can be used weekly!
We also relaunched our amazing AMP MD ROLLER that has been a #1 seller. It is basically a "wrinkle eraser" and has been seen on The Today Show and in Oprah magazine to name just a few!
And of course, the newest buzz is our ACUTE CARE which "melts wrinkles while you sleep" and there is NOTHING like it in the U.S.
NOW…..I think you will find VERY interesting; the business side of it! This is such an amazing opportunity!  After being the #1 clinical brand in high end department stores, such as Nordstroms, Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Henry Bendel, the Doctors decided to join the DSA (Direct Sales Association) and create JOBS and WEALTH for people due to the recession! Since coming out of the glass counters 6 years ago, they have had TRIPLE DIGIT GROWTH each year, and actually make more in a MONTH than they did in a YEAR in department stores!! We also get the most FREE PRESS from the Beauty Editors! We had over 52 MILLION images last year!! That speaks volumes!When applying for the DSA in 2008, there were over 100 companies also applying to join. Only 7 were accepted…..R+F being one of those! The following year R+F received the RISING STAR AWARD from the DSA. Last year our Doctors were KEYNOTE SPEAKERS with George W. Bush at the DSA Awards. They are the GO-TO DERMATOLOGISTS globally! People know the name and people trust them!! That is why this is such an amazing opportunity!! We also recently won the GOLD STEVIE award, a PRODUCT award, which Hewlett Packard and APPLE have both won. So, joining this company is really a WIN WIN!! You get GREAT SKIN at a 25% discount, GREAT TAX BENEFITS (all your products and website, plus your home office space, etc..), all from home or wherever you want to be, full time or part time, main job or side job, working when you want to work….helping people!! My business website is if you want to check that out!
Let me know if you would like more info. I’d love to chat with you sometime if you want to look into the products or the business further! :)) Have a great day!! Hope to hear from you soon!!Charla Corn
LEVEL V Leader
P.S.  Think about this……if we had partnered with the Doctors when they created Proactiv, can you imagine where we would be today? This is BIGGER than that!! 3.9 BILLION DOLLAR industry…expected to be 5 BILLION in the next TWO years!! I’m getting a piece of that pie… should, too!!