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November 2014

Be a Blogger…And Love It!

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While they are all short I hope that they might spark some ideas (I’ve included a few links for further reading on some of the points) – enjoy!
Tell your OWN story – only take on topics that you would in normal conversation. These are things YOU are passionate and knowledgable about. Passion is infectious and your readers will catch ahold of it. Tell the world something important.Share how you feel – it will take your readers to a deeper place and make it more relatableYou’ll never please everyone – the sooner you make peace with this reality, the better!Keep it fresh by posting daily – people will stop reading if every time they visit your blog and see the same post from 2 weeks ago.Inform, inspire and interact – aim to do these things every time (read more on this)!Experiment with different styles of writing – it will help you find your voiceMix up the length of your posts – short can be sweet but long can be epic!When an idea strikes – drop everything and capture it!Do everything you can to understand who is reading your blog – it will make you much more useful to them.Before you publish – ask what you want your reader to do after reading your post – and edit accordingly. Calls to action are important!Become hyper aware of problems – and obsessively write posts that solve them.Put aside time to create quality content – it doesn’t just appearPut aside time to edit and your posts – it will take them to the next levelGet a life – you’ll be a much more interesting writer if you’ve lived a littleAsk your readers questions – it will make them feel like they belong and you’ll learn a lot from their answers!Take your readers on a journey – posts that build from one to another can be powerful. Build momentum and create anticipation and you’ll hook readers for the long term.Brainstorm regularly – generating ideas for future posts now can save a lot of pain later and help you keep things rolling. I highly recommend mind mapping.Not every post needs to go viral – shareable content will help you grow but it may not serve your current readers best.Write, Write Write – the more you practice, the better you will getPublish selectively – you don’t need to publish everything you write

The Worst Mistakes You MUST AVOID……

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Charla Corn Beauty Tip of the Day: And NOW…For a Shocking List of the Top 3 WORST Mistakes You Must AVOID If You Want to Slow The Aging Process.
1. Too many people think that cardio is the answer to everything related to weight-loss and fat-loss. And although cardio can be helpful (if done properly), it does nothing to slow the aging process. In fact, it does the exact opposite!. Doing long frequent cardio sessions will break down your muscles and increase the production of free radicals. These free radicals are nasty little things that damage the cells in your body and accelerate aging.
Don’t worry if you’re concerned about your heart health. There is a much more effective way to improve your cardiovascular health, which I’ll cover in just a minute. And here’s the best part: it takes only 1/3 the time of a conventional cardio workout AND it also triggers your youth enhancing hormones instead of those nasty free radicals that age you faster!
2. It’s hard to believe that “low-fat” is still a dietary recommendation because science has proven that fat is not the cause of weight gain or heart disease. In fact, since the introduction of the fat-free diet, the world has gotten more fat and sick than it has ever been before.
Fat is not the enemy. Fat does NOT make you fat. In fact, fat is an absolute must if you want your body to look and feel younger! Why? Because healthy fats are an essential source of good cholesterol, which is KEY to producing the hormones that enhance your youthful qualities. (Not all cholesterol is bad, by the way — good cholesterol is a crucial component of healthy skin tissue, making your skin more supple, glowing, and youthful). If you’re following a low-fat diet, you’re depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to slow aging and keep your youth.
3. Yoga has been around for thousands of years and it’s still around after all this time because it’s very effective for things like improving your inner consciousness, mind-body connection and spiritual health. However, it should NOT be considered an effective form of exercise. Sure, some movements are difficult and physically challenging. BUT strictly physiologically speaking, yoga lacks the necessary components to stimulate your body to build lean muscle, burn fat and most importantly… trigger your youth-enhancing hormones to help slow aging. Yoga can improve your flexibility and calm your mind, but it will NOT stimulate your “youth” hormones.
My point: Do Hi-Intensity Cardio like sprints and bleachers! Eat avocados! Get in the gym and pump some iron!

I’m a smart girl…..

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Are you dreading going to work tomorrow morning? Does your current job support your financial DREAMS? Are you just going to work so you can continue to live paycheck to paycheck? I just want to lay it all out for you…..the amazing Doctors who created Proactiv are allow YOU AND ME to share in the profits of their new skincare line called Rodan + Fields. FYI, Proactiv is sold in 118 countries and owns 93% of the acne market. Rodan + Fields WILL do the same in the anti-aging skincare industry!
Listen, I’m a smart girl…..and I know YOU are a smart girl too! This is a NO-BRAINER, but only for those who truly recognize this OPPORTUNITY! Do you need money for college, a new car or house? Does your current job allow you to spend time with family WHILE you make money? Or maybe you just want these clinically-proven products for FREE! Did you know that by sharing with a few friends… can get these products FOR YOURSELF for ZERO $! Rodan + Fields is a Debt-free, soon-to-be Global company who doesn’t spend a DIME on marketing. All products are 100% Guaranteed in a $3.9 + Billion $$ market.
Basically, you get close to 50% off with the consultant packages. Then, then you save 25% off anytime you order. No minimums, no inventory. Fast Start bonuses to earn back your investment. Car incentives. Cool trips, Jewelry, Luggage you can win!


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Did you know God actually puts "nay-sayers" in your path for a very good reason??? That’s right! If everyone said "I believe you", "You can do it", "You’re right"……we might not actually be as motivated. It’s the "You’ll never be successful", "You’re not qualified", "You won’t stick with it" that THRUSTS us FORWARD in an effort to PROVE those naysayers WRONG!
God knows our ‘human-nature’ better than we do!!!!! He knows that by not answering our prayers right off the bat, that we will actually come out stronger on the other side! God will not always send an angel to tell us what our next steps should be. Sometimes, he uses ENEMIES to push us down a difficult path that we would normally be TOO SCARED to venture down!
When I started this Charla Corn Beauty journey, a friend said to me with a disgusted look on her face, "Did your mom work 5 different jobs? Was she away from home all the time… you are now?" Oh, and let’s not forget "So, you’re SELLING this stuff now?"
I could have let her words pierce my heart and slow me down. I could have thought ‘maybe she’s right?’ ‘maybe I AM doing too much?’
INSTEAD……those very words have CATAPULTED ME into being the best mom and wife I can be…ALL while being the best performer, morning show host, YouTube Vlogger and Leader to my R+F TEAM that GOD knows I can be!!!!
MORE motivation has poured out of me in the last 6 months…..than I even knew I had within me!!!! I honestly don’t even know if I would be working as HARD…if I didn’t have her words replaying in my head on a daily basis!!!!
My Charla Corn Beauty team sees my name on all these TOP 20 lists on other TEAM pages….and we celebrate that. But what you and they don’t see, are the 100 "nos" I receive EVERY WEEK. And you know what? I am thankful for EVERY SINGLE "NO"! It pushes me to post more, keep sharing, host yet ANOTHER party…..just to PROVE THEM WRONG!
Am I motivated by negativity?? Maybe. Are we ALL motivated by "nos"….probably not. However, if you will shift your thinking by seeing every "no" as a catalyst to ROCKET you forward instead of drag you backwards….you would be more willing to EMBRACE them, instead of fight them!!!!!
So, every time someone ‘unfriends’ you…..says "I’m not interested"….laughs at your expense….KNOW that is THEIR problem….NOT YOURS!!!!!! They see you taking HUGE steps to change your life and your familie’s life and they don’t like it!


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AMAZING TO SEE WOMEN STOP THE CLOCK! Look what my sweet friend, Carrie Cellini, has to say about Rodan + Fields! "The left is me at 33 and the right me today at 43. A few months ago my skin and complexion were a mess with hormonal acne, scarring and loss of firmness. I had large pores, bags and wrinkling around my eyes and face. Sun damage and life stresses had also aged my skin. I am an Esthetician by trade and have tried and used many different products, but none with the results of using Rodan + Fields! Clinically proven dermatological grade skin care that actually produces results similar to surgery and injections!! For me that was not an option but Rodan + Fields was! So glad I said yes to these amazing products and this growing stellar business where I am able to share and help others with their skin, goals and dreams!!"
ClickHEREto order!


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