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July 2014

Who Needs Botox When You Can Roll?

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ClickHERE to find out more about the AMP MD Special.
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"Ok friends…here they are…MY very own 60 day results!!! Wow!!! I can’t stop looking at them, lol! This was 60 days on REDEFINE with the AMP MD roller, the last 30 days I incorporated the eye cream once a day in the evenings. I promise you there is no photoshopping! These are just pics I took with my iPhone! To say that I love these products is an understatement! The fact that the company is so outstanding to work for & my team is so supportive & nurturing of one another is icing on the cake!" – Shannon

PC Perks Explained…

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You will hear me suggest signing up for PC Perks when I chat with you about ordering. It really is the BETTER WAY TO BUY!
I think there is some confusion about being a PC Perks customer. So let me be clear, you do not have to be scared of an "auto ship" program. That is not what this is. I’ve been tied to one of those and it’s horrible getting product you don’t need yet!
PC Perks is a one-time enrollment of $19.95. You save 10% on all your orders and never pay for shipping. It also gives you access to your shopping cart so, in 60 days, you can change your order, DELAY it OR you just have it ship the same regimen.
So, if you wanted to start off on UNBLEMISH, but then in 60 days try REDEFINE…You can do all that without paying for shipping!
Make sense?
There are some misconceptions about it, so I wanted to explain a few more things about being a PC Perks Customer.
1. You get 10% off and FREE shipping. This is a fantastic way to get a deal!2. It is NOT a contract. You can cancel anytime with one click in your account (don’t even have to call anyone). Even after your first order if you decide it’s not for you. No penalty.3. It does have Replenishment Orders set up for every 2 months BUT you can delay (again, with a click of a button in your account) as many times as you need.4. You can change items by editing your order (mix things up-it’s fun to try different things!)5. You have access to our amazing nurses!6. R+F has special promotions and incentives for PC Perks. You definitely want in on those (especially come time for new product release!).